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Margarites, Rethymnon Prefecture

Margarites is located at the northern foothill of Psiloritis, at an altitude of 300 meters and 27 km from Rethymnon. Some believe that the name of Margarites village is connected to the existence of the homonymous flower that grows in the region; “margarites” in Greek means “daisies”. Others support that it was named after “magarika” (or “magarikata”) meaning “clay” in Byzantine times.

The ceramics in the village of “Pitharades” constitutes an integral part of its tradition. The creations of its residents are evident in every corner. At the streets of Margarites you will come across large clay pots – the famous clay crocks – outside each house, ceramics hanging on the walls and jars adorning the gardens.

The most striking thing for the guests is that they can freely see the artists at work, while wandering around the village, so the tour ends up being educational as well.

At the “Ceramic Collection of Margarites” Museum, in the village square, you can admire the large collection of ceramics that showcases the locals’ art. The landscape here is itself a unique attraction, with stunning cypress forests surrounding it. Follow the trail leading into the canyon, through beautiful paths, or enjoy the view of the canyon from the park in the south side of the village.

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