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365 Tours

Our Fleet

The experienced and acclaimed team of 365 tours and our partners, envision to offer unforgettable travel and excursion experiences.

Our Company  is distinguished for the consistency of the organization and the quality of its services, all these years.  Given that we are active in passenger transport, we are constantly upgrading our services, in terms of safety and  quality while the combination of local tradition with innovation are the main features of our business.

  • ExperienceThe representatives of our company are at the same time experienced drivers, competent and reliable employees and our permanent partners. They have a long experience in the field of road transport and we are very proud of them.
  • SecuritySafety and the satisfaction of the passengers-visitors is a unique priority of our Team!

Our vehicles are modern, new technology and  have all the specifications provided by the current legislation.

Also have all the safety requirements concerning passenger transportations and offer the best possible comfort, of 3 and 4 stars, in order to make passengers, travel as pleasantly as possible.

Our vehicles are modern and new technology.


  • Refrigerator for soft drinks or medicines
  • Navigation System
  • Comfortable seats, footrests
  • Air conditioning of the cabin
  • Seatbelts
  • Baby seat
  • Roof racks