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Check our excursions your excursion Plan with us Incredible landscapes, unique experiences, our Crete! Check our excursions Get to know Chania,
fall in love with Chania!
Incredible landscapes, unique experiences, our Crete! Check our trips Land of contrasts, get to know us!

Excursions of All Types

Trust our office if you want to take a day or multi-day trip to Crete or Greece. The 365 tours team is experienced, consistent and reliable in organizing road and boat trips. We guarantee you an unforgettable travel experience.

Bus Transfers

All our excursions and road trips are carried out in our proprietary, modern, comfortable, air-conditioned buses, and are accompanied by an experienced and responsible office partner.

Cruises & Jeep Safari

Live the unique experience of a sea cruise, for you and your family or friends, on the coast of Crete or – for those who love wildlife and want to experience the adventure – with a Land Rover®.

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    Why 365 Tours

    We plan contemporary excursions in Crete and Greece, places of myth and history, of unparalleled Olympian beauty and awe, of the exquisite Greek countryside, of Mother Earth, of customs, of love and of celebration.

    Excursions are a great celebration, they are unforgettable life experiences.
    We should celebrate as often as we can, shouldn’t we?
    So, celebrate with us 365 days a year.

    On our travels we strive to combine and offer our customers a mix of Culture, History, Philosophy, Nature, Tasting, Local Traditions and Customs, Fun and Delight.

    The Authentic Crete

    The authentic Crete is a marriage between History, Myths, Ideas, Flavors, Everyday Life, Colors and Fragrances framed by the unique images of Cretan nature and its people; spontaneous people who are always ready to welcome you and invite you in their home.

    Crete is a blessed land with authentic people.


    365 TOURS – KOUVARDA MARIA, Travel Agency and Tourism Services in Heraklion, Crete. Tourism Business Registration Number: 1039E60000247901

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